Shit man, there are no hell no’s! With that being said, I will post it to my side blog, skippy21514, so be on the look out for that. My game is being a lil bitch, so I hope you don’t mind that it’s the second scene. 

I finally finished another scene and my game didn’t crash!:D I’ll be answering replies in a minuet. I have a bunch that I never responded to!

I lied… It crashed D:

Holocene - Bon Iver

A little side project I’m working on. It’s fun to take a break and record short machinimas. 

Dis is why you should follow my side blog *wink wink*

"Damn, Trist, you’re heavy as hell."

"Just shut up and smile."



At this moment, our little online world is facing a storm of information regarding the progressively violent situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

Feelings are heightened for many and people may be looking for places to vent their frustration. I would ask that we, in our little community, do our best…


Hands on.

Sorry, Chase. :/

Forgot to reblog this but ahh!!:D

Got this idea from a Youtuber..


I will block you if you spam, promote, or make any negative comments. That’s just not what I want to read when I make videos and it makes me feel like you’re using my subs for your advantage. You may PRIVATE MESSAGE me on Tumblr, Youtube, or email if you want me to check out your videos.

Little update! I’m going through Sam’s Town right now and just removing those comments, but if it was more recent then… You won’t be updated.

After that, I’m cleaning up a bunch of cc then going in game to film! Weeee

Love/Hate me. Idc if it’s personal because honestly, wow, life, someone’s probably done the same✨

They are the cutest <3

panda432 asked:
Do you know how to screenshot in the sims 4 demo? Idk how 😌😞😩

Fraps :)