Mini-Hiatus, as in photos won't be frequent or will be in queue. This is a side blog dedicated to all things Sims. You can expect it to be 75% photos, and 25% non sims.
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the-lovely-spidey I actually drank a blend of those two herbs in a tea, and they always tend to help! Also my mom is gonna take me to a stomach doctor soon to figure out what’s been bothering me! It sucks though because I’ve already missed seven days of school due to all my health issues. I’m too young be be this sick and it sucks. :/ And haha, hey at least you know what’s up!

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Why’d you look so blue?

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I THINK I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE HQ VERTICAL PHOTOS! AWH YIS, I’m celebrating with cucumbers and carrots lol

5/10 Scenes done, I hope to finish the rest today


BUT, before you jump in excitement, please don’t ask when it’s gonna be ready. I’m not giving you guys any hints because I want it to be a surprise!

UPDATE: I neglected my homework duties and now I’m gonna pay on Labor Day 😅 So mini hiatus and I have some photos queued in le other blog, sorry lil beans

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fewafe and beliveinsimmies sims! :D

- I’ll be posting actual stills from the episode (with them in it) on my side blog skippy21514

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sugarssimblr ASKED: Do you still need sims for the highschool?

Answering this for the last time and putting it on public :D

Yes. Until I reblog that photo and say closed, then I will always be accepting sims :)

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One of these days, I’m gonna completely remaster all 3 seasons of TD

I have so many ideas I managed to miss or not explain like:

- Chase’s ghost friend
- Levi’s reason for leaving Mason
- Mason… Oh lawd… Mason in general

Plus, it’ll be all HD, widescreen, and just so awesome

I just finished watching Teenage Dirtbag



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I haven’t been having the greatest month so far so I’d like to say thank you for this ❤️ I’m speechless that you were willing to write this genuine and kind review. Ahhh!! Thank you so much and I’m so glad you loved it


Video + Requirements [M/Open - F/Open]:

After building an entire high school, I’m now realizing… I need to fill that shit up with “students.” Which is going to take more time… So I was like hey, why not ask my viewers, and maybe followers, to send me some sims? That’d be cool, right? Anyway, I will be accepting all sims as long as you follow the requirements below.

  • Tag ‘simciscocc’ with a photo of your sim and a short description.
  • If you don’t have a Tumblr, I’ll include my email below.
  • The three things that should be in the description are name, age, and a description.
  • Depending on the creativity of the description, I will either make them an extra or an actual side character.
  • The only sims I will accept are .Sim files. I will NOT accept .Sims3Packs. 
  • Since my computer is already jammed pack with CC, I’d like your sims to only come in base game clothing, this does not mean take a photo of them looking extremely basic. Try to show me their personality through photo.
  • I have my sliders to x3 and here is my sliders folder.
  • Also, here’s a photo of the skins I use, (UPDATED) so if you use those skins, then yay!
  • I don’t want all female sims, because this isn’t an all female school… So don’t be afraid to make males.
  • With that being said, I will close this “contest” when I have enough sims of each gender.
  • For those with a Tumblr, send me the link to your downloadable sim and post. (Through Fanmail)
  • For those without a simblr, email me your description, a photo of the sim, and a link to download. (My email is itznotamyth@gmail.com)
  • Feel free to reblog and ask questions!

Updated header and photo of skins. Also, do you see the amount of reblogs?! Aka woah!


For simciscocc

Ashling Corvik

Age: 17

Bio: Ashling is the type of chick that can get as gritty and outrageous as the rest of them. Growing up, her Ma didn’t surround her with cutesy plushies and naive princess fantasies. Oh no, not her Ma. Instead, she handed Ashling a socket wrench to open a oil drain plug in a customer’s car. And thanks to that, at the young age of sixteen, she’d already been hooked on the smell of exhaust fumes spewing from distressed cars and the slippery feel of oil and grease dripping off her fingers. Highschool is just a small hurdle to race over so that she not only honors her Ma’s wishes, but also finally, and officially, work at her family’s auto repair shop.

Private Download

And that makes 2/2 slots filled. I might change her name, unless you send me something else that doesn’t start with an A, because both Aliesha and Ashling song very similar and I might confuse them tehe.

Don’t worry guys, I still need extras. It’s just I needed two girls for the next scene and these were the ones sent! I still need boys and girls to fill up the classrooms! Weee